Mousetraps and sprinkled turds: Build shit people want

I’m often reminded of Tim Kastelle’s post We Don’t Need More Mousetraps!. It’s a great post on the trap of building policy for innovation ecosystems and the importance of building things people want. The post talks about a fictional country that only makes mousetraps called Mousetrapia. Thanks to their superior education system, Mousetrapians are the absolute… Continue reading

Synchronicity in modern communication

Twice now over the last couple of weeks I’ve found myself talking about the concept of synchronicity and modern communications (social/digital etc), and what that means when choosing what should go where. Ultimately every network is either asynchronous or synchronous. Some may have elements of both, but almost all fall one way or the other. Synchronous networks are when ‘stuff’… Continue reading

The farce of ‘influencer marketing’

There’s been a bit of discussion lately about influencer marketing – which is essentially the equivalent of celebrity endorsements, except the people involved usually aren’t popular enough to be considered celebrities. The core premise is this: Brand wants to sell stuff Some people have big follower or subscriber numbers Brand contacts person, asks the person… Continue reading