New blerg, new beginning

Copied from my old blog…

What's the deal with this whole blogging thing?

Like most bloggers, I’ll have a self-referential, future-tense post to begin my blogging.

This is my blog, and a new outlet. Sadly, many of my thoughts don’t quite suit existing channels like the company’s blog, and are a bit too long or rant-y for Twitter.

Goals are important
Every business advisor, ever.

I want to use this blog to discuss some of the blatant fallacies and outright lies about social media, marketing and advertising that I read and observe online almost daily.

There’s a very good reason that ‘Social media consultant’ now equates to ‘snake oil merchant’ in many people’s minds, but I’d like to think there are a few people around giving reasonable advice, not charging the earth for Google-able information, and providing value to clients rather than just taking them for a ride.

I say consultant here but I don’t mean just external people brought in to fix a problem or give some training. The ‘problems’ plagued and caused by these people (I’ll coin a term eventually) extends beyond those who come in from the outside: employees internally can be just as dogmatic and incorrect as someone from the outside. Similarly it’s not confined to a particular job title or role.

Do I expect it to be read far and wide?
Certainly not.
Do I expect to make millions from the site?
Certainly not (although donations are always welcome 😉 )

What I really hope to do is to change people’s perception of social media. I’ve worked in the space for quite some time now, and seen it go from a new toy through to the ‘latest fad’ and, these days, the ‘done thing’.

As part of this journey, the purpose and capability of social media has been greatly distorted — by consultants, the media and even the general public.

Comments are always welcome and I welcome debate and discussion (+/- trolling). I want to stir the pot a bit, get people thinking critically and come to their own conclusions rather than simply accept common dogma. You can comment here on the site, or you’re welcome to get me on the Twits @hughstephens.

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