Hello. I am an entrepreneur.a builder.a nerd.a consultant.a Twit.a problem solver.a problem solver.


I live in Melbourne, Australia but work with people and organisations globally.


I write about strategy and risk management; usually in the context of business/startups, digital transformation and innovation.

More About Me


Business strategy

I love to talk about how people can build and market awesome things that people will love. My main focus is on technology services, products and digital transformation.

Presentations & training

Sometimes people hire me to talk about things. I do this pretty often. I talk about business, communications, social media, marketing … or pretty much anything.


What is engagement these days? It’s not just social media, or digital. It’s also hard to measure its results, a challenge I enjoy.

Risk management

I’ve always loved risk management, and how it can be an enabling force rather than something that always says ‘no’.

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